IRCA : 50 years of HISTORY

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The first attempt to register aircraft from different countries in a unic book was in 1925, when Bureau Veritas published the International Aeronautical Register. Since 1931, this register included details of certified aircrafts in few countries, mostly in Europe. At this time, the annual print was a big book of 1000 pages.

After second world war, the register was reduced to a small item, and it is only since 1961 that it became a real international publication.

Nevertheless, number of countries furnishing data to IRCA increased, and during 80's, publication was proposed on two formats : book and microfiche. A database was created to automate production and use. Even if number of technical information was reduced, register needed several books at the end of 80's. 50 000 aircraft were listed. Any new country add became difficult.

IRCA's future relied on an other distribution than paper. CD-ROM issue enabled to increase aircrafts number ant to admit the goal to include all OACI countries. And for users, search became easier and faster even thru different national register.

In 1998, co-editors since 1963 (Bureau Veritas, Enac from Italy, Civil Aviation Authority from United Kingdom) proposed OACI to cooperate with IRCA. With this help, on 2000, the database was redesigned to be used with an internet navigator, still availble on CD-ROM, including US register, reaching more than 500 000 aircrafts.

Finally, since 2010, as a "Service Provider", IRCA sends to ICAO data of 10 civil aviation authorities, which are then compliant to article 21 of 1944 Chicago convention.