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    IRCA, the most comprehensive International Aviation Directory

Access in one click to official administrative and standardised technical information on over 450,000 aircraft registered in more than 35 countries worlwide including Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, Netherland, United Kingdom, United States,..

    What is IRCA ?

The aim of IRCA is to provide public and private aeronautical entities with an international database featuring comprehensive information on national aircraft exchange, thus allowing for the data access as well as global information sharing.

Because each national register has its own way of identifying aircraft/engine manufacturers and types, IRCA has set up a standardised naming convention for both aircraft and engines, allowing for standardised queries across the different register.

IRCA is a UNIQUE database using the IACIS referential in order to apply standard description of aircraft & engine type to alleviate the problem of variation in national naming conventions and to therefore allow consistent searches across the entire database.

    What information does IRCA contain ?

National registers data are collected from each Authority. The naming of aircraft and engines manufacturers and models are then harmonized to allow consistent searches across different national registers.

Information in IRCA
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If your business or interest revolves around the international aviation industry, the unique information on the International Register may be of use to you.

The "International Register of Civil Aircraft" (IRCA) is the source of reference for anyone interested in identifying an aircraft or in carrying out in-depth analysis,studies or marketing actions targeted to aircraft with specific criteria.

Available in two versions: Basic and Extensive.

Both versions perform searches on one or several criteria and to access all the above information.

The EXTENSIVE VERSION of the International Register of Civil Aircraft allows extensive data manipulation by the user. Information from the database can be downloaded to world-processors, spreadsheets, or other database programs.

Users are able to produce their own customised mails-outs, reports or market survey information.

The list of the partnership countries present in IRCA are available HERE.

The online version allow to find the registered and unregistered aircraft but not historical data.

However it is possible to give you historical data by CD-ROM

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The data is updated every month, you can follow the last update date of each country present HERE

The mode S code is a unique 24 bits ID, which is issued continuously. The mode S code represent the call sign of the data transmit to the surveillance radar by the transponder.

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